Thursday, April 14, 2011

Damage to Apple Crop in the Mid-Atlantic Estimated at $37 Million Dollars in 2010

Stink bugs caused $37 million in damage to apple growers in four mid-Atlantic states.
Apple stink bug damage totals $37 million

Growers in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia lost crops to the brown marmorated stink bug in 2010, according to an April 13 U.S. Apple Association estimate.
About 18% of the fresh-market apples produced in those states was affected, said Mark Seetin, U.S. Apple’s director of regulatory and industry affairs.
As a percentage of total volume, Maryland was hardest hit, with 32% of the state’s fresh-market apples affected, Seetin said. Virginia, a larger producer than Maryland, suffered the largest volume loss.

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